John Terp

18 Nov

I ust found this by mistake trying to do the same thing. Glad someone found a way around it.

Hi Pio and hi Eko Request i’m very happy that i can communicate again with some people.

I live in at a country house maybe somewhere between Austria and Germany but i’m not completely sure. I was 10 years old when all of it happened, my parents used to tell me there are some terrorists but mostly because that was a word i knew back than, weird enought i know, but still was something they said so i don’t ask more questions

Not sure about my age, after i was left alone i started counting winters, so more or less i should be 25 right now. I was left in a basement and i set there until everything stopped, weird thing is that it didn’t lasted long. After that i started walking a lot, finding food until one they a found this place witch was still standing even though in a bad shape, i fixed it and moved in. The people that used to live here had a huge amount of records and books, and papers. This is how i managed to kinda learn stuff about the world that used to be when i was a child. So i’m also searching for a bunch of stuff like that to make a small archive of what humanity should have being all about.

I don’t know what you quoted Pio but i also have a text in mind from the records that i have and it goes like this:

I’ve been away for so long that I’ve ended up right back home,
Amongst the family galaxy of nothing that stays the same.
I’m in the family galaxy and we only have one rule:
Keep changing every day, don’t stay the same or you’ll be a fool!
The family galaxy keeps changing no matter what you do.
We don’t know who we are, but we will always be here for you!

John Terp “Over and out”


One Response to “John Terp”

  1. Seb December 5, 2010 at 11:00 am #

    Good job man, just want you to know I`m reading your stuff and waiting for some more.

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