To whom it may concern

19 Jan

I remember…i was at home, just another casual night playing some mediocre game I ripped off the Internet. I suddenly blacked out, woke up…God knows when…only to find nearly everything around me laid to waste and everybody missing. I have no idea what happened, but there were times i fantasised about something like this, the human race outliving its time on Earth and paying for the crimes they’ve commited against their own souls. Corrupt, shallow, a low sense of reason and morality…, idiots. A big fucking meteor would have done the trick…but no one was supposed to survive, not even me. My house was a wreck, amazingly enough i had only a few minor bruises. I managed, however, to find some useful things among the rubble: my backpack, a flashlight, cans of food, a Zippo, my cellular and its headphones. I couldn’t believe it was still intact, though it had a few scratches on the screen, it was still usable. “How is a cellphone useful after something that looks like the damn apocalypse?” you might ask. It keeps my sanity in check. Sure, there’s no signal, but at least it has the music i used to listen to back then. I use it to keep going, my only traveling companion,  helping me keep my chin up in times of loneliness and despair, a soundtrack of my new life if you will; the lyrics have become my new Bible. Sometimes I feel like I was meant to find those things, like they have been prepared by someone to aid me in my journey, because, at least up until this point, they’ve kept me alive…more or less. Despite all that happened, i can’t say i didn’t feel a slight sense of freedom and sovereignty over my life; no workplace, no obligations towards anyone, no debts, no one to wear a mask for…i am finally unshackled. I was lucky enough to find an abandoned hospital that has a power generator. So far i’ve been able to use it to charge my phone and turn some lights on at night, but i’m running low on gas. Oddly enough, for a desolate place like this i can use my phone’s wi-fi connection, which is how i found this blog. This is something too weird to wrap my head around for now. I have to depart first thing in the morning, use all the sunlight that i can, gear up as much as i can carry and continue my, so far, unsuccessful journey to find the others. I can’t be the only one, it makes no sense, nothing that happened makes no sense. I have to find the others.

I have to find…her.

This is Riverburn, signing off.


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