What the hell!!!

24 Jan

I just noticed there were other entries in here! They’ve just appeared out of nowhere when i saw your last post! Goddamn fucking malfunctions!  I’ve been wandering aimlessly in search for survivers here, but so far you guys are the only proof of life I’ve come across. Does anybody know what the fuck happened?? I really don’t recall anything being said about wars or cataclysmic events, everything just suddenly…changed. Everytime I try to remember something about my life I get a massive headache, I start caughing up blood and losing limb control. All I’ve managed to recall was written in my last posts. I can’t even remember my own damn name, let alone the town I’m in. Since painkillers are next to none around here, I don’t want to strain myself too hard, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I don’t wanna risk dying, not yet anyway. I’ll just calmly wait and hope everything will come back to me one day and maybe I can try and sort this out somehow, find out what happened and why I’m the only one here. I need to keep going now, search around for clues, try to figure things out, hopefully find at least one of you.

In the meantime…Eko, pio, John…i hope you aren’t just figments of my imagination.

Riverburn, signing off.


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