Subconscious Reality

17 Feb

I had second thoughts about sharing this, you might think I’m going crazy, well…maybe I am, but since there’s no one here for a second opinion, I can’t tell for sure. I’ve been traveling for some time now…spending most of my nights under the starry sky. Lately, I’ve been finding buildings that are, at least, half intact. I use them to take shelter from the rain. Right now I’m writing from, what I can tell, used to be an office building…but the thing is…i have no idea how I got here. I know I spent the night in a tent…and had this weird…dream.

I found myself in a place I can’t quite figure out what it was exactly, seemed like some sort of big village…or a small city with the simplistic architecture of a village. An interesting thing I’ve noticed right from the start was the fact that it was a very multicultural town. I saw chinese, african, indian people…and that’s to say the least, the rest looked pretty much european to me. Everything seemed to be modern and high tech  not in a “robots massage our feet” kinda way, but…how should I put this…they’ve somehow managed to combine technology with biology, a harmonious bond between science and nature. And no, they didn’t have flying cars. Not because they did not possess the technology for it, but because every town (yes, there were more) could choose what type of means of transportation they want to use…”lucky” me for finding the one that had to go retro (something about birds getting caught in the engines due to heavy migration in the area…). During my brief stay there, few things really caught my eye.

One of those was an in-ear automatic translating device that I had to use. Why? Because everybody was speaking in their own damn native tongue! Hardly anyone knew how to speak english, for example, which is quite funny actually given the fact that it was such a widespread language back in the day…hmm…must’ve gotten bored with speaking it or something; nice trait we have…this boredom. Anyway, it was a nifty device, it didn’t have some cooky auto-tune robot voice doing the real-time translations, I don’t know what the devil it was but it sounded like their natural voices speaking a language I could actually understand for a change. This is how I was able to satisfy my curiosity as to why there are so many nationalities rolled up in one place. It had something to do with the fact that, at some point, when the wars were over, everybody was doing well, peace on earth and all that crap, the people of the world started having this feeling of separation and realized they were growing apart from eachother. Withouth having to worry about too many things anymore, they’ve finally freed themselves from the clutches of concerns, fears and prejudice that poluted their minds for  many centuries. The world was finally at peace and mankind started developing a large interest towards spirituality, self-evolution and love for their fellow “brothers” and “sisters” (that’s how they refer to eachother now). It had nothing to do with a certain type of religion, they mostly took whatever teachings they’ve found in every religion that best served their new found purpose in life. Everybody had smiles on their faces, everybody was happy like it was a natural state of mind and I envied them so much because that was the kind of place I would’ve loved to live in.

There was another thing that got my attention, but I don’t recall what it was exactly…something of small proportions, that much I can  tell you… doesn’t really matter anyway.

NOW…the one thing that had me gasping for air when I layed my eyes upon it, was this big…fucking…gynormous…gargantuan…tree. It had 10 or 11 levels connected through both exterior and interior stairs made out of wood and metal. They told me every town had one, planted using some special manufactured seeds. Its purpose was to be something equivalent to a town hall, even though they didn’t mention anything about a mayor of some sort. They did say something about the masters of the town being on the top level. This may be my imagination acting up because this part is a bit foggy to me, but I think they said something about…mages. I guess it would be plausible given the fact that they were so keen on developing their spiritual sides that some attained the ability to control the elements. It sounds stupid, I know…but what if it really was possible? I could’ve sworn I saw something glowing, like magic, up there. I can’t imagine what was happening, but my curiosity skyrocketed. Of course, I wasn’t permited access because I was an outsider, but I sure would’ve loved to see what was going on inside that tree. Anyway, that’s about all I can remember from that dream, though I have to say…it felt too real. But it couldn’t have been real…could it? I mean, that tree looked really familiar to me, I think I saw it in a shitty ass game I once played. Crap…I better snap out of it before I begin losing my mind. I think that can of tuna I had before turning in didn’t agree too well with my stomach…vivid dreams and sleepwalking must’ve been side-effects.


Riverburn, signing off.


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