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3 Nov

Welcome, A Closed Loop is an online book, a work in progress on a Blog format. Maybe in the future will be printed in limited edition and in volumes depending on the amount of text gathered. The idea came to mind when a friend of ours made a blog that wanted to represent our city’s contemporary status, that was in 2004. Some of us though about writing as people from the future who communicate on that blog through an open internet wormhole describing to people of the present the future. A bleak vision of the future through individual points of view.

The rules ar simple; each writer has one or more characters that describe the future of one or more locations (location is a key element in this project as it allows the writer to develop a authentic point of view of his character’s present and future). Each character should have a name or nick name so that every post can be identified to belonging to the specific author. The format of the post should have a small similarity between them but that’s the authors choice (the basic idea is to have an overall aesthetic, thing of it as a diary full of logs). If the author wants he can also post images comprising of sketches/maps/routes the characters have taken/original 3d images of the future or pictures of  locations in the present that can easely look like something from the future (as long as it’s not some famous building that just happens to look futuristic).

Being a work in progress the details of who is participating will be updated here and/or the About page.